Friday, March 13, 2015

Can real life be like a game?

Snowpacalypse before the melt

50° weather in New England
Snowpacalypse melting + dirt = mud 
Walk dogs down a dirt road

Dog joyNavigate the mudDog sweatshirts

Mud room

  Is this a game?
Bosco the beagle thinks so.

Level Up


I take a walk every day with my dogs. It is important for me to walk for my health, but it is very important for my dogs to walk because they need to get all that extra energy out!

Some days it is a chore to walk but on those days my beagles remind me that walks are fun! In fact, they even act like walking is a game. It is their joy that motivates me to play the game with them.

This method of turning a chore into a game works well with my students, too. When we are working hard on a task that is frustrating for students I remind them of the definition of a game. Sometimes I even start class announcing what their challenge (or mission) is today! This is motivating for the students because it makes them the hero of their own real life "game." 

By doing this I am applying gaming skills to real life classroom experiences. 

For example, when playing a game we are self motivated to collaborate with others in problem solving, build social capital, partake in awe inspiring missions, and achieve epic wins (more on this in upcoming blog posts).

All of these skills can be used for real life problem solving in the classroom.

So what do you think? Do you agree with Bosco? Can real life be like a game?


  1. I like the idea of turning a walk into a game! Definitely makes it more possible and motivating to get the walk in and there are many game like aspects to it. Awesome idea! :)

    1. Thanks! So much in life can be a game. It's just up to us to find.