Friday, February 20, 2015

What is a Game?


A game is overcoming a challenge 
while seeking rewards and learning new skills.

A good game is simple to learn but hard to master.

In my spare time, this is what I teach to my 3D game design class at a local art center. My goal is to inspire students (as young as 11 years old) to create virtual gaming experiences by bringing their imagination to life with 3D modeling and level design. 


I have been a 3D designer for video games and trade shows since 2008. Now I am putting together a team of artists, programmers, scientists and students to create the next generation of interactive games. We are calling ourselves Rapt Interactive.

Join me on this crazy ride as I design, model and build a completely new interactive gaming experience!

Stay tuned for my adventure and join the fun when I post the trailer and alpha version of our current project!!

... so what do you think? What is a game?

- Lauren